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The philosophy behind Pettinice.com aim is to be a meeting place for our enthusiastic, passionate and creative Pettinice community. Somewhere you can connect with each other, be inspired and share in the joy of cake decorating.

We want it to be a resource for you to learn new techniques, keep up date with what’s going on in the decorating world and share your work. Contributing to the site are our highly skilled and personable Brand Ambassadors, all incredibly talented and generous with sharing their knowledge and skills.

Brand Ambassador Nina Blackburn will facilitate the pettinice.com site. Nina’s passion for the cake decorating world is only matched by her knowledge and expertise. Nina will ensure that this resource stays relevant and that you will be constantly be inspired by new work and above all you will really enjoy being a part of this family.

Pettinice is Bakels premium quality icing brand.Pettinice has been available to the world of cake decorating for decades.

Supplied worldwide from production sites in New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and Australia.

Best practice and expertise in R & D formulation, manufacturing and QA is carried out worldwide to keep Pettinice at the forefront of the cake decorating world.

Bakels was formed in 1904 when two brothers, Hendrik A Bakels and Bernadus J Bakels registered the company in Amsterdam.

The Bakels group as we know it today is largely the result of the vision and lifetime work of Bernard J Bakels, Benadus’s son. He led the company into manufacturing with the establishment of Nordbakels in Sweden.

Bakels is a private company owned by a foundation established by Bernard J Bakels and has grown through innovation, baking expertise and unrelenting customer service to become established in nearly 40 countries, manufacturing on all 5 continents.


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