Meet our Vendors

Meet our  2019 Cake Show vendors!

Bake Boss

Let's make CAKES together! Bake Boss are New Zealand's leading cake specialists. Create a cake for any occasion, shop for cake decorating supplies, baking classes, packaging and more.

You can find Bake Boss on Facebook and Instagram. 



Everything for the Cake including everything you’ll need for making, baking & decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, treats and more!

You can find GoBake on Facebook and Instagram. 



Kiwicakes - Cake decorating supplies

A large range of cake, cupcake, cookie and chocolate decorating edibles, tools and equipment. 
Visit our online store.

You can find Kiwicakes on Facebook and Instagram. 



Indulge Cake Supplies

One stop retail and online store for all your cake, cupcake, chocolate, cookie making and decorating needs.  We stock a great range of supplies to suit amateur to professionals and everyone who comes in between.

You can find Indulge Cake Supplies on Facebook 


Verusca Walker

3D cake maker and DIY Youtuber from Brazil living in Australia and traveling the world. I upload videos every month. Follow me!

You can find Verusca on Facebook and Instagram.