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Bakels Pettinice pink and white fondant

Bakels Pettinice pink and white fondant

Tools and Cutters

Tools and Cutters


What you need:

  • Bakels Pettinice pink and white fondant
  • Small rolling pin
  • Floral impression mat or sugar lace mat
  • Baby themed cutters
  • Paint brush
  • Water
  • Circle cutter approx. 5cm
  • Frilly cutter approx. 6 cm
  • Corn flour for dusting

Take your white Pettince, knead well and roll out to approx. 3mm thickness.

Take your frill cutter and cut out your required amount of frilly circles.

Mix your white pettinice with a bit of pink, or if you would like a stronger pink use as is.

Roll out your fondant to roughly 3mm in thickness.

Dust your impression mat and place your fondant strip on top.

Rub with your palm to ensure the fondant is pressed down so you’ll get a nice impression.

 Roll over with your small rolling pin to deepen the pattern.

Flip your impression mat over and peel it back

Cut out circles from your impressed fondant then repeat the above steps with your white fondant so you have half white and half pink

Now use your baby themed cutters to cut out textured and plain baby themed shapes and put them to the side.

Now layer them up, attaching with a tiny bit of water.