Parisian Ruffle Tutorial with Kez Maxwell

You will need:

  • Black Pettinice
  • Tylose powder
  • Small rolling pin
  • Xacto knife or razor blade
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Edible glue
  • Strip cutter


You can either cover the whole of your cake in fondant or roll out just enough fondant to cover the top of your cake - this is what I do, it saves fondant & this whole design will cover the cake so you won't see the cake underneath.

To get a nice clean cut around the top, flip your cake upside down onto the fondant & cut around with an xacto knife.

Mix in some tylose powder into your black Pettinice - leave this to set up for an hour or so.  This won't work with straight fondant, it needs the tylose in there.



Roll out a long wide strip of fondant. Roll it as thin as you can without tearing.  (quick tip - The thinner it is, the more like fabric it will look) cut a straight edge along your long piece, measure 2.5" and cut another strip parallel to your edge.

Using your ruler, mark every 2.5" along your bottom edge & then the top edge - cut a straight line at each mark to give you a 2.5" square piece.

Depending how much fondant you have rolled out you could cut 5 or more squares at once.

With your square - turn it so it's a diamond, take the two side points & fold in to form a pleat, fold the top over so you have a straight edge.

Turn the pleat over and put a little edible glue on the centre & side at the top only. Place on your cake - starting from the bottom.  with the bottom row it will sit partly on the cake board.  If you don't want it on the cake board, you will need to cover your cake in fondant first as you will see the cake between the bottom points.

Repeat those steps, row by row.  When you get to the final row - cut out and pleat as per normal, but then cut the top so that it measures 1 3/4" from the bottom tip to the straight edge you have cut. Put the final row on, keep it level to the top of the cake. Flatten and smooth with your finger.

Roll out a long piece of fondant & cut a thin strip to place over the top edge.  Smooth it out with your finger.  You could add another thinner strip of fondant in a different colour on top or add a bow.... use your imagination :)

Kez Maxwell runs Iced by Kez in Auckland, New Zealand.  

"My passion for cake decorating came from making my kids their birthday cakes and has grown from there. I have been decorating for four years now and learned so much along the way. In the beginning Youtube was my class room - but since then I've made some amazing friendships through Facebook in the vast cake world there and through these friendships have learnt so much!"

You can find Kez on Facebook and Instagram. 

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